June 29 - 30, 2019

14th SICC International Tutorial Workshop "Topics in nonlinear dynamics"
Modeling, Analysis, and Control of
Complex Networks and Cyber-Physical Systems

Ischia, Biblioteca Comunale Antoniana

June 29-30, 2019
Organized by
and co-sponsored by



The workshop is the 14th of a series of tutorial workshops annually organized by the Italian Society of Chaos and Complexity (SICC) to explore the emergence of new research fields in which the modeling of nonlinear phenomena plays a growing role. These workshops have been traditionally devoted to an interdisciplinary audience with particular attention to PhD students and young researchers. The speakers have been specifically advised to give tutorial presentations of their research and its context, with the aim of stimulating the active participation of students and researchers from different disciplines. The focus of this year workshop is the Modelling, Analysis and Control of Complex Networks and Cyber-Physical Systems. These systems abound in Nature and Technology and their analysis and control is of paramount importance in a number of different applications.

From autonomous vehicles and smart grids to massive online social networks and intelligent systems, multiagent systems consisting of many interacting agents communicating with each other over a network of complex interconnections are crucial to many diverse applications. This workshop will gather scholars, students and practitioners from different communities to share their views and perspectives on the challenges that the analysis, design and control of complex sensory, automation, and social interaction systems brought to the engineering discipline.

The workshop is co-sponsored by the IEEE Control Systems Society through the Technical Committee on Networks and Communication Systems, the University of Naples Federico II and the Comune di Ischia.
Mario Di Bernardo, Università di Napoli Federico II, University of Bristol
Massimo Franceschetti, University of California, San Diego
Franco Garofalo, Anna Di Meglio, Università di Napoli Federico II
Pietro De Lellis, Davide Fiore
Fabio Della Rossa SICC secreteriat
Giacomo Como, Politecnico di Torino
Pietro De Lellis, Università di Napoli Federico II
Mattia Frasca, Università degli studi di Catania
Thomas Parisini, Università di Trieste, Imperial College London
Ioannis Paschalidis, Boston University
Marios Polycarpou, University of Cyprus
Giovanni Russo, University College Dublin
Henrik Sandberg, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Luca Schenato, Università di Padova
Jacquelien Scherpen, University of Groningen
Bruno Sinopoli, Carnegie Mellon
Francesco Sorrentino, University of New Mexico
Sandro Zampieri, Università di Padova